Sitemap - 2023 - Bear's Bulletins 📨

33rd degree Freemason explains how to manipulate Reality.

"The only true use case is for criminals..."

This broke backpacker earns ~$50k/month

Q&A #6: How to manage Bitcoin; hacking reality; and Forrest Gump, the football star philosopher!

UFO Disclosure narratives; Bitcoin's Billionaires; the truth behind the Ireland riots; who killed Cinema? + much more!

Q&A #5: Do you see crypto as an investment? Or, mostly as money?

American Thanksgiving: Beyond The Folklore

The pep talk that gives people goosebumps!

The "Longevity Economy;" telling stories that compel action; buying startups + much more!

Life's Bus Ride: Your Short Journey Through Time!

How to change the world - and get rich trying!

Are you white?

Fraud detectives; living to 120; the mega guide to wealth-generation; bad olive oil + much more!

Orangutans and your ideas....

Moving this train to Friday

The Gap and The Gain

A simple, friendly plea!

Must-see "Halloween" links (movies, parodies, skits and more...)

🚀 Pay Your Credit Card Bills with Crypto! 🌎💳

The 2% crypto club + groundbreaking development

Q&A #4: Shut up and get back to work!

Q&A #3: Tales that aren't true.

This "rant" is for me! (You, too?)

FTX: “This Isn’t a Ponzi Scheme”

Fire alarms… and… fake geniuses

F-You Freedom; the perfect human diet; higher states of consciousness + much more!

From “Dumb Money” to Automated Daily Dividends

I have zero sympathy for anyone who will (again) fall for this…

[ Guest Post ] Things Are Not As They Seem

[ Guest Post ] I dare you to 'Just BE!'

Hello from Cinderella Castle

The movie my 'inner-circle' is supporting!

Yes, “sex” is real!

Build websites in an hour; steaks to your doorstep; Dumb Money; amazing train routes + much more!

Transform Your Health with This Simple Eating Routine! | It is shown to increase energy, eliminates digestive issues, and fuel a clearer mind.

[Screencast How-To] Pay traditional bills with Bitcoin In Minutes...

Q&A #2: AOL multi-millionaire; the 'fascism' magic spell; CRE defaults + more…

How to Find my Premium (Pro) Content

55% ROI in 10 months; Unwoke Inc; 5 places to live your best life; how to start a small farm + much more!

The Karentocracy wants to protect you from Toxic Whiteness!

One conversation away from a breakthrough

Q&A #1:; death and friends; AI Tools to save time; opinion on parenting.

Operation Overlord—and turning the tide of totalitarian authority!

Thrive Before You Die; How To Share a Private Jet; Thematic Investing + much more!

[UPDATE] Make Everyday Bill Payments and Off-ramp Crypto-to-Fiat with This One-Click DeFi Platform | Go Bankless!

A Debt That Cannot Be Repaid

The Superman Fallacy

The jab detox guide; rare collectibles; the working-class dude who knows 90 billionaires + much more!

Wealth Without Cash: Creative Real Estate Strategies

Have Pro Gun-Control Advocates in America Found Themselves Adrift in the Cosmos?

This Robin Hood Meme Is (Still) Alive and Well!

Many people around you are stuck in 'The Maze' | Here's how they (you too?) can break-free!

I slept like a newborn baby last night—and you can too!

Three new link Roundups (archived) + why Brad got into bot-trading

How to Keep Long-Term Investments No-Brainer Simple!

French fries and franchises: The 'Wuda-Cuda-Shuda' of long-term stock investing

Primal Flow, How to Get Rich, Live Free and Die + much more!

Freud, speaking powerfully, the AI which nearly destroyed humanity, the Fourth Turning +much more!

7 Leading-edge 'Health Hacks' I'm Personally Using… With Amazing Results!

The Bipolar Easter Bunny, Troll Dolls, Nice Guys, Psychopaths + more!

10 Years Away

The ESG Scam: Wokeism in the boardroom

A conversation with The Universe

NBA skyhooks, the Vaccine Deception, and Doofus-ism Thinking!

Biotech millionaire, running for POTUS, wants Americans to wake the F*ck up!

The ETIAS, weak men, best stock research, living longer + more!

Step #3—is ready!

“Mr. I-Put-My-Money-Where-My-Mouth-Is.”

A Timeless View on Being (and staying) Accomplished, Smart, and Prosperous!

Create & Manage Your Own “Bitcoin Bank"

"Your relentless partner..."

15%-30% Annual ROI Via Online Consignment

Operation Red Flag, timeless investing lessons, retiring for less than $2,200/mo overseas + more!

“Suckers… I feel sorry for you!”

13 Random Facts About Me

How to Convert Crypto To Physical Assets... Within Minutes

Everyone is talking about Woody! Who Cares...

10 life-changing ideas, breakthrough Alzheimer's news, the next major "pandemic" + more!

The company "selling happiness..." as it bleeds cash. A barometer for today's something-for-nothing culture?

I keep seeing 11:11 everywhere!

Genius, God / Goddess, Diva, King / Queen, etc.

Profit in a recession, the best AI businesses to start, how to create luck + more!

How Accepting Scarface’s Tony Montana Can Give You JEDI Powers

UFOs: The perfect boogeyman; the ultimate personal distraction!

Today, a friend needs to hear this!

The fountain of youth, $5k revenue streams, the best spy gear + More…

A Beautiful Mess of a Movie... An Existential Trip Through Life

‘What is going on with me?‘

How to Stop Do-gooder Environmentalists in their Tracks

Airbnbs with no cash, clear your phone identity, limitless creativity + More…

Do I write for you?

#Fortune, #Fame and #Gold

Pro Benefits

Armstrong's first words on the moon: "Holy living F*ck!"

Who is really running this sh*t-show?

How to Ensure You Receive My Grizzly Content

Yes… You Need One More Hero!

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

The "Anti-Woke" Video that Went Viral

Discussing "toxic masculinity" with ChatGPT

Lucky Charms, they say, are healthier than beef