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Screw Pride Day. Honor T-H-I-S Day!
Remember Me!
Or, Why The Two-Party System Is Effing Up U.S. Democracy
Have Pro Gun-Control Advocates in America Found Themselves Adrift in the Cosmos?Watch now (7 min) | Megyn Kelly makes a few interesting points in this 3-minute clip. Let's hear your thoughts…
Exploring the Karen-itis / do-gooder / SJW thinking at the heart of the nauseous 'we-need-to-solve-the-income-inequality' fight.
Plus, 3 new additions to the Bulletins
Or... the mindset behind leading (trying to, anyway) the masses into taking their daily dose of the Blue Pill.
“We’ve obsessed so much over our diversity and our differences, that we forgot all the ways we’re really just the same as Americans.”
The "redneck hippy" dropped a red pill on the NYC audience.
And... do you want to learn how to create automatic-income as doomed-for-failure companies show their true colors?
A no-BS, practical, no-limits review of the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it movie - a must-watch for anyone seeking universal truths, growth techniques, and…
"The Planet isn't going anywhere...WE ARE!" | One of the most masterful speeches from the stand-up philosopher-comedian. SHARE THIS... far and wide.