13 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m a former Commodities broker who became fascinated with the world of “futures trading” due to the movie Trading Places and the book The New Gatsbys.

  2. I have a hard-time hating Tom Cruise (but, I want to).

  3. I'm a fanatic for the "Madness" of March.  I practically sequester myself from everybody every March because I'm a hardcore college basketball fan.

  4. I'm attracted to two main colors: aqua blue and orange (duh!)

  5. I once got lost on a Grecian island (Corfu) only to be saved, led down a mountain, by a wilderness dweller and his donkey.

  6. I detest the word "detest." 2nd runner up: "seep."

  7. My love for street, and homemade, tacos borders on the obsessive.

  8. A Navy SEALs wife once reprimanded me for thinking her 'Hot Yoga' practice was just for... er... well, "hot chicks in spandex." So, well, I surrendered and sweated my ass off daily for a whole year.

  9. Speaking of, a few of her husband’s band of brothers, 7 years prior, sorta surprised me with their revelation of their self-awareness work (the story is here)

  10. If I could pick one superpower, it would be to be 'invisible" at will. I've always wanted to be a legit Spy. Either that, or I just can't let go of the twisted plot in the movie Hollow Man, starring Kevin Bacon. Creepy, I know.

  11. Back in the mid-nineties, I randomly ran into pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece on the beach in Virginia Beach, VA. My only 'got a celebrity' autograph" claim to fame.

  12. When it comes to plastic wrapping, I've had several Larry David moments (see intro here).

  13. I often dream about lagoons, seeing myself swimming inside a Tahitian reef that has expansive crystal clear, aqua blue waters. I probably soul travel to either the south pacific or somewhere in the Maldives.

Appreciate you staying curious, maybe just being amused, with me.

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