A link round-up about the forthcoming RONA PSYOP-23 Campaign.
[Guest Post] A 40-something year old's “deep dive” how-to for getting lean, feeling powerful, sleeping deeply…all while eating delicious filling food.
Here's how to get incredible sleep, boost your brain throughout the day, naturally realign your spine, reset your cellular system + much more!
NIH-funded study / Tuft's Food Compass Score
The IT. Or, my potential "Koh-vid" story!
Your “freedom” is in the way. So will you sweep it aside for the greater good, thinking that somehow, someway THEY have the magic cure?
The orchestrated plan, years in the making, to indoctrinate the masses with a bogeyman virus epidemic and vaccinate the world at large.
Or, how the real 'Infinity War' is against the very collective systems -- including the fake media and Big Tech complex -- keeping you small.
Memento Mori
"The real disabled people are the people, who don't move." - Ido Portal