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🔓 1) You'll get access to my must-read WEEKEND WHATS (ON HOLD for the foreseeable future) — a Sunday morning links / recommendations roundup of the most compelling, eye-opening and uniquely useful articles, videos, people, and products that I handpick each week. Archives here…

🔓 2) You’ll receive my OPPORTUNITY ALERTS (Starting February 2024) — These will be timely notices about NEW wealth research, as well as alerts tied to unique investment vehicles, opportunities and money-making resources, mostly targeted toward the alternative markets; where higher rewards, higher yields, and higher risks are common.

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🔓  4) A guarantee that Pro-exclusive emails /  posts stay ad-free, forever. I started Bear's Bulletins to help my fellow human explorers, through raw motivation and critical thinking. I write to ignite passion and possibilities, not to try to sell you "stuff" via third party ads. My collective Pro subscribers make this a reality.

🔓  5) Access to the Archives. Not only do my beloved Pro subscribers get access to ALL posts in the current year, they get instant access to posts that go all the way back to 2015 (all my old writings and resources, from other platforms, are slowly making their way here).

🔓  6) An outlet to Network & Grow Rich. That is a philosophy as much as it is a way of living. Through live Q&A calls, chat sessions and shared rolodexes... we'll muster up the power of other prosperity-driven bears so you, too, can't expand your connections.

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💲Why did I choose $69 for the annual pro subscription?

The answer comes out in these Bryan Adams lyrics:

🎶 I got my first real six-string / Bought it at the five and dime / Played it till my fingers bled / Was the summer of ’69.

It's the summer of my birth (August '69), the year of my favorite Camaro, and when ARPANET delivered its first "internet" message.

All in all, a damn good year and a damn good number, me thinks.;)