How to Ensure You Receive My Grizzly Content

If you’re not receiving emails notices when I publish new stuff…

The reason is simple:

Your fancy email app / client (i.e., Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) doesn't (yet) know to adore, love and cherish this NEW incoming email:


Also, because I'm sorta OCD about content organization... I curate my stuff via the three big-picture / core aspects of life that keep any human up at night:




* See +bolded category?

Well, your email client may need to whitelist that +addition onto the base email.

So, for instance, when I send out an email housed under the SELF section of my Substack, generally, just adding the above addresses to your email's contact list will do the trick...

However, to truly ensure you'll be getting my can accomplish two key actions to keep your sanity in-check:

Send a test email to yourself, from the Account page.

- First, Sign-in here to Bear’s Bulletin (if you’re not already).

- Next, go here:

If you're mobile-inclined, just use the Substack App

- Once You have it downloaded to your phone, and you're logged in, you'll see the Bear's Bulletins publication via the Library icon on the app.

Send me an email to:

You can just let me know you’re ensuring my emails get to you. Or, say hello and let me know what’s on your mind.