How to Ensure You Receive My Grizzly Content

If you’re not receiving emails notices when I publish new stuff…

The reason is simple:

Your fancy email app / client (i.e., Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) doesn't (yet) know to adore, love and cherish this NEW incoming email:

Bear's Bulletins ‹›

Also, if you’re subscribed to my Opportunity Alerts (check here…), you’ll want to look for this email Sender too:

Bear’s Alerts ‹›

However, to truly ensure you'll be getting my can accomplish two key actions to keep your sanity in-check:

Send a test email to yourself, from the Account page.

- First, Sign-in here to Bear’s Bulletin (if you’re not already).

- Next, go here:

If you're mobile-inclined, just use the Substack App

- Once You have it downloaded to your phone, and you're logged in, you'll see the Bear's Bulletins publication via the Library icon on the app.

Send me an email to:

You can just let me know you’re ensuring my emails get to you. Or, say hello and let me know what’s on your mind.