Many people around you are stuck in 'The Maze' | Here's how they (you too?) can break-free!

And the four phrases, used by an ancient spiritual practice, that can almost-instantly obliterate anger, fear, and resentment tied to any experience, or another human!

Disclosure: I’m no trained psychologist. Nor do I play one on T.V. — Rather, I’m just an everyday guy who has lived awhile, vigilantly observed human nature along my path, and can tell you (to some degree) what is or isn’t legit. This is. Enjoy!

I have to get something out of the way here
—> I really didn’t want to find the time to get this post out today. I truly had more valuable priorities to tackle this morning.

(so I thought!)

You see… the above video clip, from Jonah Hill’s documentary Stutz (first shared in my April 23rd Weekend Whats roundup), has haunted me ever since!

Not so much because I, personally, have been in “that place” Phil Stutz highlights in the video above (eh, yes, I have)….

But, because I felt I’d been sitting on an almost spellbinding set of wisdom — for way too long!

For over 40 years, I have constantly stood by numerous people who have continually self sabotaged their own lives, week after week, month after month.

I have often struggled internally for not just telling someone — those consumed by self-pity, victim mentality, or deep resentment — the following, straight-up:

Life—like every storyline—is finite; very short, with a clear beginning and uncertain end. So, please stop with your damn limiting stories!

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Come to think about it…

If more and more busybodies in this world would educate themselves… on the life-altering benefits of dropping their storylines, the entire planet would shift in one helluva speedy manner.

The clip attached to this email / post says it somewhat differently (but delivered in stunning fashion), yet the raw truth is the same:

The [bad] story creates the perception, the labels, and the attachment. Yet, the story [in present form] is complete bullshit!

How can you grow, move forward, if you have a story everything has to fit into?

Every living, breathing human on this round, rotating earth can either choose to attach their identity to a “negative” or “bad” scene, say from chapter 10 of their personal life script…

Or, they can write out a beautiful, harmonious, balanced experience in chapter 15.

Continually replaying memories, or recounting ONLY “poor-me-itis” experiences while trying to judge / criticize events 5 chapters back… it will only prevent the stoppage of suffering within.

The desire for punishment, an avenging heart, is repressed anger; unresolved / unreleased unconscious emotional pain.

“The ego isn’t strong enough to get you out of the Maze. All it wants to do is right the wrong, and since that’s impossible, it stays stuck.”
Barry Michels, Phil’s colleague

The infamous longtime talk show host, OPRAH, used to have these self-described “bing, bing, Aha! moments.”

But, after 25 years and 30,000 guests, she says it was one man's view of FORGIVENESS that changed her life upside down, for the better!

It was she hearing Dr. Gerald G. Jampolsky explain his version of the topic:

Forgiveness: “Giving up the hope that the past could be any different!”

It’s about accepting that that shitty experience HAS happened. Not that it was okay for it to happen, but giving up the hope that it could have been any other way.

Back in the days when I was recording my conversations with metaphysicians, deep thinkers, and gurus of psychology and the laws that govern our minds…

One mentor flat out told me he teaches his students to repeat this phrase, with eyes closed, over and over for (at least) 5-minutes:

“I am sorry,
Please forgive me,
I thank you and…
I love you!”

- From the Hawaiian spirtual practice, Hoʻoponopono

And, I can attest to its power!

I have used the above mantra, so to speak, many times over the years. It’s almost as if it has an energetic frequency that is otherworldly.

Phil, in the video tied to this post, doesn’t explicitly mention Ho’oponopono; however, his Tool to combat discord with someone… it has the same level of energy behind it.

At the end of each day… I think we just need to ask ourselves:

Do I truly want to liberate myself from anger? Or, do I want to mind-f*ck myself, by trying to redo the script of a scene, a small blip in time from the past?

Tell me what you think!

Please comment below (and/or Like this post) if the excerpt in the video, or what I’ve written, has meaning for you!

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