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Thx Barry....the Ho'oponopono mantra helped me....it was like a Miracle.

My Sister-in-Law (essentially, BC we aren't actually married) is POA of my Significant Other of 28 going on 29-years. He is 70 years-old and now has Parkinson's.

Now I'm not mad with my own parents, now long gone......at least not consciously anyway. However his dysfunctional family does "get to me" at times! So, once again, I was mad with his Sister.

This time BC she hasn't given him "his own copy" of his recent Dr Appt "after care paperwork" that he asked for and then put in her glove-box on the hour long drive home.

Now after 2+ weeks of him asking her for his copy, almost daily.....I decided to call the Dr office to have it mailed to his assisted living home address.

Now, mind you, I was scared BC I didn't know if they would ask me who I was with all the HIPPO laws now in place....

So after doing the "I'm sorry pls forgive me, I thank you, and I love you" mantra many times before making the call.....I was surprised when it went as "smooth as ice"!

For me THAT was a Miracle!

Primarily BC of my own "fear and anger too".....knowing in my heart that I wasn't doing anything wrong, AND.....the family dynamics have "blown up in my face" more than once with this family.

You've made me a Believer!!!!

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