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As the child of a Korean combat vet, and grandson of a D-Day vet I thank you very much for your post today. I also salute all of our veterans dead and alive and honor their legacy.

With that said, I think many don't realize we are at war now but mostly without overt violence for the hearts and minds of our young & not so young in the West.

It would be wise to a SunTzu said to know your enemy. There are great lessons we can gain if study & replicate the communication and social psych strategies of "the Woke" strategist, propagandists & minions.

They have effectively labored it seems for many years, somewhat unobstructed, to slowly, step by step, sink their tentacles into the hearts & minds of many good people I know in the USA and beyond. The average person in my experience in 30+ countries, is more often than not, good & basically honest. Many honest people don't get that very smart, very evil people exist who use any layers of cleverly constructed deceit.

I am sure you Barry and most hear have long known, the Woke elite will sell & condition minds and algorithms to promote the apparent virtue of their cooked-up causes to distract, divide, & conquer, while they the Woke elite gain more power & influence. But many average people who still get allow hours of "corporate news/ psy op info into their minds, do not, nor can they conceive of it.

Ex: "hurry, be a "good citizen", just take this new shot (medical experimental medical treatment & lucrative corporate biz) and post on social media to "stop the spread"(promoting corporate power and greed) or else you are a selfish anti-social, xenophobic SOB / grandma killer"

Time to take my son to soccer & hit the gym!

Carpe diem from an American in sunny Iberia,

Dan O'Beirne - Magical Spain & Portugal

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